​Birth defect of blindness-2

​Birth defect of blindness-2

John 9:1 “And as [Jesus] passed by, he saw a man which was blind from [his] birth.”

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4) As a blind man, he had another major problem; he was limited by the limitations of the person leading him. If the person leading him is a mediocre, he will grow up as one. His own potentials will never come to the fore. He is already limited and his achievement in life depends solely on the man leading him. There are men with great destinies who will never manifest it because of this birth defect.

5) Blindness also affects a person’s ability to perform many job duties and this invariably limits his or her employment opportunities. Even when opportunities come he will not be able to see it and use it. 

Friend, if you’re jobless right now, it might not be because there are no jobs but rather because you’re blind!  

6) It has been shown that most people that suffers from blindness and other abnormalities usually have low self esteem. Most suffer from inferiority complex. Whatever makes a man develop an inferior mindset is a “blindness”. 

7) One other terrible fallout of this man’s condition is poverty. As long as you depend solely on others for ends to meet, your finances will never be balanced. Begging was the only thing this blind man could do and it made his life miserable.

Friend, it doesn’t matter what issues you’re dealing with as a result of blindness, an end has come to them today. 

The same Jesus is locating you with the Mercy of heaven. Your case is been brought to the attention of heaven. This year will not be like the others. Blindness is giving way for sight in your life and destiny.

You will receive your sight and insight in Jesus name. You will no longer be led by men, God Himself will hold you by the hand and lead you. He will become your light. You will no longer suffer the negative consequences of blindness in Jesus name!

Love you BiG

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