​Birth defect of blindness-1

​Birth defect of blindness-1

John 9:1 “And as [Jesus] passed by, he saw a man which was blind from [his] birth.”

The challenge in the life of this man didn’t start when he grew up, it is what the world calls a birth defect. He was born blind. This must have been a serious concern to his parents.

This man grew up in darkness. He doesn’t know light at all. Darkness was the only thing he knew and black his only colour.

What does this mean?

1) It means he grew up from a wrong background. Many people are born like this man. Born without light. Many don’t know Christ. Christ is the light of the world and if you don’t know him you are in total darkness. Life will be dark and the future bleak. Friend if you are born into this kind of family, there is hope for you. Darkness don’t need to continue leading and orchestrating your life.

2) Another meaning of his birth defect is that he was born vision-less. His life is directionless. He knows not where he is going. He has no idea what will become of his life. He knows next to nothing about why he was even born at all. Every road he enters seems to be the right one. 

One of the most devastating event in life is having no vision for life. It is worst than physically having no eyes. 

As a matter of fact, the Greek word used for blind here, is the word, “tuphlos” and one of it’s interpretation is “to be mentally blind”. This is a man that cannot reason and analyse issues. He doesn’t have an idea of where he is going in life.

3) The other problem with this defect is that, he will always be led about. Whatever they call something for him is what it is. If he touches a chair and they told him it is a table he accepts it as the norm. If he touches sin and they told him it is ok, he accepts it as such. I’ve seen men who drink not because they want to but because they grew up with an alcoholic father.

To be continued…

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