​Seen by Mercy

​Seen by Mercy

John 9:1 And as [Jesus] passed by, he saw a man which was blind from [his] birth.

In this encounter, Jesus stopped to attend to the blind man when he saw him. The question is this, was this blind man the only one there or the only blind man in town that day? The answer is no. There are some other blind folks in town that day but this particular one caught Jesus’ attention.

There is something called the Mercy of God, it is what moves heaven to act on behalf of a man. There are three words in English that are very difficult to separate. They are often used interchangeably, these words are Grace, Mercy and Compassion. 

If there is something you must know about God, it is the fact that He is a God of Mercy and full of Compassion. These attribute of God is something a man can hardly explain. 

Mercy makes a man an object of God’s focus. Mercy makes God bypass a billion people just to locate you. Mercy is God’s modus operandi. That’s the way He has chosen to deal with us.

The only issue is that most men don’t want God to deal with them from this perspective. They want to earn God’s approval by “bribing” Him. 

Many go to church, pray, fast and even serve in church because they want to obtain mercy. The truth is this, God has already provided all that we’ll ever need by His mercy or Grace, we only need to connect to it by faith. 

The cord of faith will always attract his mercy to us. God is still looking round the earth today to demonstrate his mercy on our behalf. If there is one prayer you must pray this year, it should just be to ask for God’s mercy.

Mercy singled out this blind man, mercy kept Moses alive against all odds. Mercy found David. Mercy found Esther and several other people. While not cry out for mercy in the journey of 2018?

Friend, it’s high time you move into the mercy zone which has been freely provided by God. It is the safest place to be around God.

Love you BiG

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