​Valley of decision: The fighter-3

​Valley of decision: The fighter-3

Joel 3:14 “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD [is] near in the valley of decision.”

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A pastor once said he prayed in tongues nonstop for ten hours each day for several days to silence a particular assault of the enemy. 

You see him doing well today and you say life has really favoured him. Well, life has favoured him but there was a fight of faith underneath. 

Friend, you must know that anything in motion experiences friction! As a matter of fact, before the motion a force was applied to overcome inertia. You must make a decision to be a fighter. 

Let’s look at the account of the Faith hall of fame:

Hebrews 11:32 “And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and [of] Barak, and [of] Samson, and [of] Jephthae; [of] David also, and Samuel, and [of] the prophets:”

Hebrews 11:33 “Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions,”

Hebrews 11:34 “Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.”

Hebrews 11:35 “Women received their dead raised to life again:”

Friend, entering into the faith hall of fame is no joke. Those folks stopped the mouth of lions with bear hands, waxed valiant in battle, chased enemies away, escaped the edge of the sword and so on. 

So, fight for your health, your career, academics, business and ministry. You must even fight for your family!

Nehemiah 4:14 “And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, [which is] great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

Fight the good fight, the world belong to fighters, weakness is not an option.

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