​Prayer lesson from Rachel Envy mode-2

​Prayer lesson from Rachel Envy mode-2

Genesis 30:22 “And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.”

Genesis 30:23 “Finally, God remembered Rachel–he answered her prayer by giving her a son. “God has taken away my disgrace,” she said.” (CEV)

…From yesterday…

I have since discovered that the people that don’t have what you have are the people that easily gets envious of you. They grow jealous of your success and gets angry when they see you.

The major challenge however is that this character is very slippery. Many times we slip into envy mode without taking note of it. People get promoted in your office and the first thought that cross your mind is they had gone to give bribe.

A lady gets a better grade than you and the next rumour everywhere is that she has gone to sleep with the lecturer. A man buys a new car and you feel he must have stolen money because their is recession!

A man builds a new mansion and the next gist is that he has become a cultist. Your friend tells you he has just won a major multi million dollar contract and the next news is that he has been visiting some spiritualists.

Wake up friend and smell the coffee; you have gotten yourself under the influence of this dangerous spirit of envy which took hold of Rachel.

Beloved, the secret of every successful man or woman is in their story. Learn to ask them questions instead of switching on the envy button.

I once read about a pastor that built a multi million dollar  auditorium. Fellow pastors teamed up with the press and other members of the press to tear him down. 

I was later opportune to listen to him and he told us how he prayed in tongues for six hours every day for two years before the commencement of the project. 

He also told us how he gave seeds and so on before the project started. He then rapped it up by telling us how supply never stopped till the project was finished. 

To be continued…

Love you BiG

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