​Psalms 23: Preparation-4

​Psalms 23: Preparation-4

Psalms 23:5 “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

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When last did you allow Him handle issues for you? Upon all your efforts and expertise, the problem persists. That shows your limitations. Beloved, it’s high time you allow him handle issues for you.

David, had a challenge when his son Absalom planned a coup against him that drove him out of the palace and town. People teamed up with him against David including his most trusted advisor, Ahitophel. 

David left town not because he was afraid of war but because he wanted his shepherd to handle the situation. Absalom was handsome and skillful. He knows how to fight because he was born into warfare when David was in the wilderness. He therefore felt he could defeat his father in combat, how wrong he was.

David didn’t lift a finger to fight the conspirators but his shepherd handled it in a most facinating manner.

Ahitophel’s counsel was rejected and he went home and committed suicide. Absalom was hanged on a tree all by himself. I fear this Shepherd! He sure knows how to handle issues.

Friend, your problem in life is simply your refusal to allow the shepherd handle the issues of life for you. It’s high time you hands off, let go and let Him.

The word “Direct” is another interpretation used for prepare. Our Shepherd directs us to where the table of food is. Your brain is too small to give you accurate direction. You need Him for that. You can never get it wrong with Him!

Preparation also involves taking time to carefully select the required ingredients needed for the meal. Friend, you must know that God doesn’t prepare “junk”. He takes his time to ensure the “food” turns out right. 

It’s a wise decision to wait for the preparation of our Great Shepherd. 

Beloved, wait!

Love you BiG!

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