​Psalms 23: There’s more-3

​Psalms 23: There’s more-3

Psalms 23:2 “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

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Jesus simply discarded the idea of building a tabernacle there, he knew there was more. It’s no longer about Moses and Elijah, thank God for them but there is a better covenant. A covenant that will bring the Holy Spirit and make Him indwell man!

In case you have experienced some dimensions of miracles and favour, don’t think you have arrived, there is yet a higher level. There is more ahead of you than you’ve seen.

Peter must have been thinking that the great prophet who parted the red sea is here again. He must also have been excited that Elijah that called down fire has come. He was thinking of the red sea of problems in his life and how Moses will part them. He was also calculating how Elijah will call down fire to consume all the troubles of his life.

On the contrary, Jesus’ thought was completely different. Jesus was thinking of how to walk on water! How to soar above the troubles and problems and how to make Peter do same. It’s good to part the red sea but it’s better to walk on it!  

Jesus was not thinking of calling down fire like Elijah, he was thinking about bringing down the original fire in person of the Holy Spirit and making Him indwell man forever! 

Thank God for the wonderful prophets of old, but friend, there is more. That was one lesson Jesus passed across to them. If they had made a tabernacle there that day, we will never have witnessed a day when Peter’s shadow would heal the sick and when the same Peter would walk on the sea. 

I guess even Moses was amazed at Peter that day and must have been thinking that; “Had I known, we would just have walked on the water to the other side!” 

If they had made a tabernacle there we would never have had the book of Revelation. 

To be continued…

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