​Psalms 23: My Shepherd-1

​Psalms 23: My Shepherd-1

Psalms 23:1 “The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Psalms 23:1 “GOD, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.” (MSG)

In the next couple of days, we will be meditating on one of the most popular chapters in the bible. It is several people’s favourite passage. It is a masterpiece from King David and this Psalm is acknowledged world wide as one of the most beautiful and most powerful piece written in the bible. It is popularly called the Shepherd’s psalm.

It is believed by many bible scholars to have been written when David ran away from his son Absalom. His son started a civil war when he tried to depose his father from the throne. 

When David escaped, he went down to the River Jordan. He crossed it by the Ford that is called Jabbok and went on into the land of Gilead. There he met Barzillai who happens to be an old shepherd. 

This old man kept sheep and made a great feast for David and the people with him, despite the danger of being attacked by Absalom. He pampered David, poured oil on his head, lead him through wild places and also through the very dark valley of the river Jabbok. You can read the story from 2Samuel chapter 17 to 19.

That story shows there was great possibility that David wrote the Psalm after the encounter with Barzillai. 

In our focal sciptuure for the day, David started by calling God his shepherd. Note that he didn’t say “The Lord is our shepherd” which is equally correct but he personalised it.

The beginning of a definite encounter in life and destiny is having a personal encounter with Jesus. Yes, he is our Lord and Saviour but is he your “Lord” and shepherd? Until you can boldly call him your shepherd, you don’t know him.

A shepherd is absolutely responsible for the care of the sheep. The truth about many belivers is that, they know that the Lord is “a shepherd” or their pastor’s shepherd but not really theirs.

To be continued…

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