​The four lepers: Fulfil Prophecy-2

​The four lepers: Fulfil Prophecy-2

2 Kings 7:1 “Elisha said, “Listen! GOD’s word! The famine’s over. This time tomorrow food will be plentiful…” (MSG)

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Elisha spoke but the officer doubted the word of God. He discredited the prophecy, the prophet and of course the Almighty God that gave the word. 

He limited God in his thoughts and a negative prophecy was proclaimed upon him. He tried to use his human permutations and calculation to reason out God. 

When the news of the supernatural provision and abundance marking the end of the famine hit the town, the king appointed the officer to take charge of the gate and control traffic. 

Unfortunately, the crowd rushed through the gates to get the goods and the officer could not control them. They trampled on him as they went and he died.

This man insulted God by declaring that God was unable to deliver on His promises. Friend, we must always respect God’s word.

Once He says something, everything work in tandem to bring it to pass. We are in a dispensation where the word of God is cheaply at our disposal. 

God packaged His prophesies and gave them to us as the bible. We are expected to take up those prophetic words and simply act on them.

Two key things are required; our posture and positioning. The King’s officer had a wrong posture while the lepers had the right one. I have since discovered that many people read the bible, quote it but don’t believe it!

If I tell you that by this time tomorrow, your dream car will be sold for $1, how will you react or respod? I’m sure you’ll take the same posture as that officer. 

Beloved, prophesies are not to be debated, analysed or reasoned out. They are meant to be believed. 

I pray for you today, “By this time tomorrow, your famine will be over. The siege of the enemy around your life is broken now in Jesus name. Receive your 24 hour miracle!” 

Love you BiG

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