​A visit to the Ants-11

​A visit to the Ants-11

Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:”

Let’s look at yet another great quality of an ant, I call this discipline. 

One of the most disciplined creature on earth are probably the ants. If you have ever watched them in motion you will agree with me that they are very orderly. They don’t break their ranks neither do they try to overtake each other during the parade.

In the colony, each of them already knows what to do and they don’t interfare in another’s job. Anytime you see them, they are busy doing their assigned tasks unlike men. A man will leave his own assignment to go poke nose in another man’s affair. A soldier ant does not bother about the job of the Queen or Worker. 

Each gives their assigned task maximum attention. The ants carry out their tasks through division of labour and with utmost commitment. 

Friend, how disciplined are you in fulfilling your assignment? One major quality of a soldier is discipline. 

Discipline talks about self-control, submission to authority and order. In the beginning, when the whole world was chaotic and in total disarray, the first thing God did was to instill  order. 

Order is the perfect arrangement of things. The ant is so disciplined that it does the right things at the right time. It does the job of summer in summer, winter in winter and so on.

One trait of every successful man is discipline and order. No matter how talented you are, without discipline you won’t go far. We have read about several talented sports men who made fortunes but lost every dime due to an undisciplined life style and we have also read about men of average talent who rose to the top and stayed there due to a disciplined life style.

Beloved, discipline is more important then talent. To go far in life there are some basic disciplines you must inculcate into your life. 

Disciplines that set the ant apart that we must inculcate includes; Hardwork, focus, order and correct use of time. We cannot but build these into our lives as well.

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