​People that hinder us: THE OLD PROPHET-3

​People that hinder us: THE OLD PROPHET-3

Galatians 5: 7 “Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?”

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This old prophet heard about the exploits of the young prophet and made up his mind to hinder and stop him. He went after him and he succeeded. 

He got the details of the exploits and plans of the young prophet from his sons and went ahead to use it against the young man. 

Eventually, the old prophet tricked the young prophet into violating the instructions of God and he paid dearly for it. 

How do the old prophets operate?

The operations of the old prophets is very subtle and we must be very careful and tread with utmost caution. This is because one of their principal weapons is what the I call “experience”. 

The truth is that these folks have been around for a long time and seems to have seen it all. They are most times older and perceived to be more knowledgeable than us. They have exploits that are worthy of emulation and uses it to their advantage.

They are also prophets of renowned status. The major issue they have is that they get jealous when they see that God has bypassed them to use other younger vessels.

Their strategy is simple; they incite us against God. They know full well that whosoever God opposes is doomed in life, so they use their “wealth of wisdom and experience” to make us disobey the instructions of God.

The problem most times is that we respect them so much that we find it difficult to disobey them, but beloved it is always better to disobey man than God.

I have seen the operations of these devilish men severally. Many of them in the secular simply give a counter order to you just to pitch you against constituted authority. 

There after they go behind your back to the authority and tell them you are arrogant and think because you are brilliant you can get away with violation of the company’s rules and regulations. 

So how do I handle them?

To be continued…

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