​Enthrone God-1

​Enthrone God-1

Judges 6:26 “And build an altar unto the LORD thy God upon the top of this rock, in the ordered place, and take the second bullock, and offer a burnt sacrifice with the wood of the grove which thou shalt cut down”

God is just awesome and complete. He never leaves us in the dark concerning his plan and purpose. He told Gideon to destroy the altar of Baal and the grove and went ahead to give him the next instruction.

One thing I want us to master in the story of Gideon generally is his adherence to the details of his assignment. Whatever you want to achieve in life don’t rush. Take your time to follow God step by step.

I have since realised that God cannot lead a man beyond his last point of obedience. When you stop obeying instructions, you get stranded in life and destiny. 

Immediately after Gideon destroyed the strange altars, God told him to build an altar for Him. Friend, God want to be enthroned in our lives. Once you come to Him, He want to be in full charge and command of your life.

In our focal scripture, God was simply telling Gideon to let him take the lead. The leadership position of our lives cannot be left empty. After displacing the Baals and groves we must enthrone the Living God.

God commanded him to build an altar. An altar is a place of worship and sacrifice. It is a place where humanity meets with divinity. God want our lives to be run on His own terms. 

Whoever or whatever sits on the throne of our lives takes the lead. Many people are followers of Jesus but are yet to allow him be the Lord and Master of their lives. Some have yielded some part to him but not all. He want to take preeminence. He wants His decisions to be final in our dealings.

Friend, what altar are you building? The issue with many believers is that they run their lives as if they own it. 

To be continued…

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