Judges 6:2 “And the hand of Midian prevailed against Israel: [and] because of the Midianites the children of Israel made them the dens which [are] in the mountains, and caves, and strong holds.”

Judges 6:3 “And [so] it was, when Israel had sown, that the Midianites came up, and the Amalekites, and the children of the east, even they came up against them;”

An invasion is defined by the dictionary as a military action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of conquering territory or altering the established government. 

When the enemy invades a place, they enter by force in order to conquer it. One of the major goals of an invasion is to keep the territory stagnant and backward. Once the enemy prevails there will be setbacks in the lives of the occupants of the conquered terrain.

From our focal scriptures we discovered that after the enemy attacked the Israelites they became primitive. Men and women who have been living in beautiful homes in the city started living in dens and caves like animals. The enemy set them back. 

Friend, I want you to be sensitive to the attacks of the enemy. If there is an area of your life that seems to be retarded, watch out for any trace of disobedience along that line. 

Backwardness is a strategy of the devil to frustrate the believer. Don’t ever let the devil take you back to dens and caves, you are a palace personality. You are royalty and your life should be upwardly mobile. You are designed to keep making progress:

Proverbs 4:18 “But the path of the just [is] as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

Whatever want to dim your light and keep you stagnant, altering God’s established order in your life must be resisted vehemently because it is an enemy. Learn to recognise it fast.

To be continued…

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