The Cross-4

The Cross-4
Genesis 22:5 “…I and the lad will go yonder and worship and come again to you.”
Genesis 22:6 “AND ABRAHAM TOOK THE WOOD OF THE BURNT OFFERING, AND LAID IT UPON ISAAC HIS SON; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together.”
…From yesterday…
Like we said yesterday, carrying ones cross also means “to kneel down”. This connotes two major things. It means humility and also means prayer.
Beloved, one other thing that has crashed several lives is prayerlessness. Failure to pray has equally denied many access to glory and honour.
If there was something Jesus did daily, it was prayer. No man gets ahead in life without prayer. Prayer is a command not a suggestion. Jesus said:
Matthew 6:5 “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites…”
Jesus didn’t say, “if you pray” rather he said “when you pray”. It’s a matter of compulsion and it is none negotiable. As a young  Christian I use to wonder why the need for prayers always when God is omniscient, meaning He knows all things.
How can an all knowing God ask us to table our requests to him when he knows it all? I guess you must have asked such a question before as well.
It took me time to understand it but when I did, it improved my prayer life. Here is the gist, God is relational. God just delights in hearing our voices. He loves to hear us talk to him. He wants fellowship. Hear this:
Genesis 3:9 “And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where [art] thou?”
Adam sinned and God knew, but God still came as usual at the hour of prayer to fellowship with him. God simply asked Adam where he was. “Adam I miss you where are you? It’s time for fellowship”. That was God’s position but unfortunately Adam missed prayer meeting on that faithful day. He didn’t carry his cross.
Friend, prayer is not all about “God give me this and give me that.”
To be continued…
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