The Adventure -2

The Adventure -2
Genesis 22: 1 “And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said Behold, here I am.”
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Not only was Abraham wealthy, he now has a son in his old age called Isaac. He had waited twenty five years for this miracle and now it has gotten to his hand. Abraham was indeed a fulfilled man. He has rest all around him.
Everything he ever wanted in life has become his. He was now resting on his oars. He has set records and broke them severally. He has arrived!
At this point in his life there seems to be nothing serious he needed or wanted again. He was indeed fulfilled.
But just at that point, on a cool day God suddenly came to him to “tempt” him!
The word “tempt” as used here is a word that looks very confusing. People have asked me before why God will decide to tempt people. They argue it is the devil that tempts people.
I didn’t quite understand it as well until the Holy Spirit began opening my eyes.
Here is the gist, the word tempt as used here is a Hebrew word which means, “to prove” or “adventure”. In order words, God simply invited Abraham to go with Him on an adventure! I love that.
What is an adventure?
An adventure is simply a remarkable occurrence or a striking event which involves risk, hazards and danger which is capable of changing the life of a man forever. It is usually a bold undertaking or daring feat.
It seems to me that God was saying to Abraham, “Son, can I take you on another roller coaster ride? A wonderful adventure?”
The truth is that, from the age of seventy when Abraham encountered God, his life changed remarkably to that of an adventurer who has suddenly moved from the backside of life to the forefront. His life has been filled with exciting and rewarding adventures right from when his father died to this time.
To be continued…
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