Beyond the Tower of Bethel and Edar-10

Beyond the Tower of Bethel and Edar-10
Genesis 35:20 “And Jacob set a pillar upon her grave: that [is] the pillar of Rachel’s grave unto this day.”
Genesis 35: 21 “And Israel journeyed and spread his tent beyond the tower of Edar.”
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As we roundup this meditation let us consider a salient point we must not ignore.
Considering these two verses from our focal scripture I saw something very interesting.
In verse 20, the bible says, “JACOB set a pillar upon her grave…” but in verse 21, “ISRAEL journeyed and spread…” (Emphasis mine).
Here is the gist, Jacob built and stayed by the pillar but Israel moved on. It seems to me there were two different men involved in these processes. One man was the stagnant pillar builder while the other was the upwardly mobile traveller.
One was discouraged, sad and stationery while the other was encouraged, excited and progressive. This is one point that excites me.
Friend, it takes more than one man to make progress! To move beyond Edar you need to become another man. It takes a transformed you to make progress. You can’t move until there is a change within. It is the change within that shows without.
Looking back at the story of this man; Jacob’s name means supplanter or a cheat and to a large extent he manifested it. He cheated his brother, deceived his father and even “played a smart one” on his father-in-law. This was the life he lived until he had an encounter with divinity.
After he had an encounter with God, his name changed to Israel which means, “God prevails” or “a god-like one”. Beloved, until you become like God, you won’t have the capacity and capability to move beyond Edar.
When a man gets born again, he gets infused with the very nature of God. It takes a godly nature to advance.
Beloved, what character flaw has been preventing you from making progress? It is high time you drop the Jacob nature and embrace Israel.
It’s time for you to advance, Selah!
Love you BiG
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