Problems in High Places-8

1 Samuel 16:14 “But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him.”
1 Samuel 16:15 “And Saul’s servants said unto him, Behold now, an evil spirit from God troubleth thee.”
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Jesse sent the customary items for sacrifice and appeasement of kings in their days (we will talk about those items in another meditation). David wouldn’t have known that and might have been rejected in the palace. Jesse prepared the ground for his son’s greatness!
To start with, King Saul didn’t speak directly to David; he spoke to Jesse. Friend, who are you looking up to? Who is preparing you for the palace and that glorious future you long for?
Many young men want to be great but lack a suitable father that can launch them into destiny. They lack a man that can prepare the ground for them and give them a voice in the palace.
David was not a bastard, he had a father over his life; he had an archer that was able to shoot him to stardom.
Friend, Jacob had Rebecca; Ruth had Naomi; Esther had Mordecai; Solomon had David; Elisha had Elijah; Jesus had John the Baptist; Peter had Jesus; Timothy had Paul; John Mark had Barnabas; the list is endless. Beloved, retrace your step and have a father figure over your life; it’s the starting point to greatness!
The second quality David had that the king looked for was “cunning in playing” (1 Samuel 16:18). This talks about being a skilful player. The second quality is skill.
There was vacancy in the palace for a musician, but they needed a skilful one. There are many people who can do so many things, but not very well. If you ask them if they can do this or that, they answer, “Well, I can try”.
“I can try” indicates timidity and lack of confidence. The king needs somebody that can say, “Yes, I can, although I am still improving”. That’s a better answer.
To be continued…
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