Genesis 21:19 “And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink.”
Hagar learnt a lesson that water bottles can be used to fetch water again and again. She learnt that an empty bottle can take in water again. Because a bottle lacks water now does not mean it will lack water forever!
What lessons have you learnt from that encounter? Many a times when people experience a negative situation all they want is to forget about it, and never learn from it; and before you know it they find themselves in a similar challenge again.
A wise man said, “When life throws lemon at you, pick them up and make lemonade out of it”. That was exactly what Hagar did.
Beloved, I want you to think deeply concerning that disappointment that seems to have made your life stagnant. Trace your step and pick up the spent “water bottle” there. That last challenge contains an ingredient that can help in your future success.
Perhaps the next breakthrough is yet to happen because your water bottle is not handy. How will you feel if your next level happens and the only ingredient left to complete the cycle is the water bottle from your past?
The truth is that every experience we’ve had are not meant to kill us but are rather part of the equation for our next success. 
Joseph dreamt and was sold to slavery, he went to Portiphar’s house and became a facility manager and administrator. He did same in the prison and finally in the palace.
Dreaming was Joseph’s water bottle. Assuming when he got to prison he stopped interpreting dreams because dreams got him to prison, what do you think would have happened to him? He might have died in prison. But all through his experience he never let go of his “water bottle”.
Friend, that “empty water bottle” in your hand still has some usefulness, but the question is, what are you doing with it?
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