Before the Problem-2

John 11:41 “So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me.” (NIV)
John 11:41 “Then, to the others, “Go ahead, take away the stone.” They removed the stone. Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and prayed, “Father, I’m grateful that you have listened to me.” (MSG)
…From yesterday…
The problem with many people is that they only pray, worship God, pray and fast when they encounter problems. When everything is fine with them, they sleep, eat and wake up and repeat the process again. I once heard of a man whose friend told him he was going to church, alarmed, his friend asked, “Hope no problem?”
To him the only time you should go to church is when there is a problem. Well, we may blame him for making such an outrageous statement; but the truth is that many so called believers do same. Many will never fast and pray unless they’re told to do so. You may even have to practically force some people to do it.
You can be sure somebody you force to fast and pray will never seize the initiative to do it on his own. Many don’t even pray before rushing out in the morning. And the only bible they have is the NRV version. In case you are wondering what version that is, it is the Never Read Version. Some equally have the SOV, Sunday Only Version, bibles meant only for Sunday service.
The Holy Spirit once ministered to me and said, “Praising God, praying and living a life of worship are inoculations”. Friend, you cannot compare the severity of an attack of fever on a child that has been vaccinated with that of one that was not vaccinated. The one without vaccination might die while the vaccinated one might just show very mild symptoms of the fever.
That is the difference between a believer who daily fellowships with God and one who rarely does.
Beloved, there is a major difference between somebody living in your house and a visitor!
To be continued…
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