Titus 2:6 “Also, guide the young men to live disciplined lives.”(MSG)
Titus 2:6 “In a similar way, urge the younger men to be self-restrained and to behave prudently [taking life seriously].”(AMP)
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Jesus is the word of God. Putting it altogether, God is simply saying the only way to keep your altar burning is by burning the word on it daily and at regular intervals!
As long as you keep burning wood in fire, it will never go out. As long as you keep feasting on the word, your fire will never go out. You remain hot, and as long as you keep doing this, your life becomes a danger zone for the enemy. Nobody likes to play with fire, let alone carry it.
This is the secret to making your life impenetrable to the enemy. Become fire brand and watch the enemies run out of the “comfort zones” you have been keeping them, albeit unknowingly.
God said we should meditate on his word (Joshua 1:8), and one of the meanings of meditation is to fan something into flame.
Beloved, don’t just read your bible; meditate on it daily, that is the process of burning the wood! Keep your life hot; set your alarm to pray and study the word; that is a discipline you can’t do without.
Having discussed those two power packed disciplines you must cultivate, I believe you can start populating your list to include several other ones; but let me pick one or two more many Christians are guilty of.
Many believers have no regard for time! You will see Christians fixing programs and in this part of the world tell people it is Holy Ghost time. Can you imagine that?
Our lives are measured in years, hours, minutes and seconds. The summary of our life is time.
If this is true, why waste a second? Life is too precious and short to be wasted on frivolities and things that add no value. Hear this:
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