Titus 2:6 “Also, guide the young men to live disciplined lives.”(MSG)
Titus 2:6 “In a similar way, urge the younger men to be self-restrained and to behave prudently [taking life seriously].”(AMP)
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We all want the best things of life but then there are things we must sacrifice in order to get the things that matters most. Discipline helps us prioritise.
Edmund Hilary the first man who conquered Mount Everest was asked by an interviewer about his passions for climbing mountains.He gave this replay “it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”
Until you’re ready to conquer yourself by cultivating the right set of disciplines success will remain elusive. You can only conquer your own mountain by living a disciplined life.
Now that you know what discipline is all about, what are the disciplines we must cultivate?
The first discipline any serious minded man must develop is the act of building and servicing his altar. By altar here, I mean a prayer altar where we commune with the creator each day.
To commune according to dictionary simply means to converse together with confidence; to interchange sentiments or feelings; to take counsel.
One thing we know about idol worshippers or the priests of deities is that they have an altar which they service each day. As a matter of fact they don’t leave their homes until they pay homage at the altar each morning and when things become difficult or complicated during the cause of the day, they rush to the altar to make enquiries.
Everywhere they go they make bold to declare what their god or oracle tells them earlier in the day.
Friend, I am glad to let you know it was a borrowed concept which they adulterated, they got it from Christianity! Hear this:
Genesis 13:4 “Unto the place of the altar, which he had made there at the first: and there Abram called on the name of the LORD.”
To be continued…
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