Glorious Return-7

Luke 9:52 “And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.”
Luke 9:53 “And they did not receive him…”
Luke 9:56 “…And they went to another village.”
…From yesterday…
Friend, now that you have been rejected, what are you doing to yourself? This is no time to sulk; it is a great time for self discovery and reinvention. Add more value to yourself.
When Jesus got back to Samaria, he looked for somebody he could give value. The value he gave made way for his glorious return.
Can you develop your gift to such a level that it will spark a great miracle?
If your gifts become pronounced the whole world will be ready to pay world record fees for your services! When Jesus showed what he could do, the same Samaritans that once rejected him gave him free accommodation at the best hotel in town. They were literally begging him to stay in their city.
John 4:40 “When they came out to see him, they begged him to stay in their village. So he stayed for two days,”(NLT)
John 4:41 “And many more believed because of his own word;”
It’s as if they sold him for nothing, but were now willing to pay a world record fee to have him!
Same Jesus, same town, same folks! It’s amazing what a man of value can get!
When you develop yourself you can dictate your terms because by then you are valuable to people and they become those that need you, and not just you needing them.
So, beloved, when people push you out, go to where you can flourish, a place with the right atmosphere for your development. Go to a place where your little effort and gift will be appreciated, even as you make progress towards becoming a better version of you.
When your value improves, you can become accepted where you were once rejected, but on your own terms.
Go improve yourself and hold all the aces! Your worth can skyrocket; go make your life count. Selah!
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