Glorious Return-5

Luke 9:52 “And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.”
Luke 9:53 “And they did not receive him…”
Luke 9:56 “…And they went to another village.”
…From yesterday…
Beloved, no matter the reason for your being pushed out, don’t blame them; don’t flog yourself; don’t blame God; don’t enter into depression and don’t ever give up on your gifts and potentials.
Even if others don’t see any good in you, convince yourself beyond every reasonable doubt that you are not valueless!
If Jesus had felt bad and become depressed by the attitude of the Samaritans he might have quit preaching and probably returned to the carpenter’s shed. He might have stopped praying or even rained down fire on the city. But Jesus left in peace knowing that in a matter of days there would be a glorious return!
A setback is only a setup for a glorious comeback!
The second thing I learnt from this story is that no matter what happens, you should change your strategy, but never your vision.
In the first instance, when Jesus entered into Samaria, he entered with his disciples and approached everybody in town (Luke 9), but note that on his return (John 4), he sent his disciples away and didn’t just enter and approach everybody, but carefully selected one woman. This woman was not even a noble, she was a prostitute.
Friend, learn to change strategy. You need to know that one other reason you were pushed out might have been your approach. Even though you have something to offer, if your presentation is wrong, you will be pushed out!
Jesus had some “arrogant” disciples who felt they could do and undo. They felt they carried so much power and could call down fire, brimstone, etc. whenever, wherever. They were power drunk!
Even though they had power, they didn’t understand it neither did they know its proper application.
To be continued…
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