Breaking Inferiority Complex-2

Numbers 13:33 “We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.””(NIV)
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Friend, we all see the children of Israel from that perspective because we have the benefit of hindsight to analyse the story; but the gist is this, we have all toed that line of thought before, either directly or indirectly.
How many times have you told yourself, “I CAN’T”?
As a pastor, I’ve had opportunities to counsel people on several issues. Sometimes, I advise people to try this or that and the first response I get is that of “reluctance”. When you probe further, they tell you it is not meant for “people like them”. Whoever told them that!
These types of scenarios confront us daily and unfortunately we keep failing the test just like those folks in Numbers 13.
In school, for instance, you have colleagues who are fond of partying almost all weekends and yet always outscore you in exams no matter how hard you study. You then develop a mindset of second rated citizen.
You see people posing for pictures at wonderful locations on social media and feel they’re better than you. Well, those are some of the ways in which we develop this feeling of inferiority.
People can always make you feel inferior, but you have to consent to it before it becomes a reality in your life.
As we proceed in this meditation, let us consider the word inferiority. Inferiority is from the word inferior, which means “fake”, ” substandard ” or “not up to”.
Inferiority complex is therefore a feeling of inadequacy, feeling nobody needs me, feeling of worthlessness or not being as skillful as the other person. It is a persistent sense of inadequacy or a tendency to underrate oneself and one’s abilities.
To be continued…
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