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Song of Solomon 2:15 “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines [have] tender grapes.”
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The word “take” as used in “Take us the foxes…” is translated to mean: grasp, take hold, seize, take possession, catch or capture.
This implies that in order to enjoy our grapevines or vineyards, we must become ruthless with these little foxes. They are never to be handled with levity. Hear this:
Galatians 5:24 “For those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh, along with its vices and desires.”
In order words, they must be rounded up and put to death; they must be mortified. The little foxes are ruthlessly after your ripe and blossoming vineyard, and so must be caught and handled with same ruthlessness.
If you don’t put them to death, they won’t just destroy your vine, they will become big foxes that will destroy you.
Paul termed these “little foxes” as works of the flesh, and therefore told the Galatians to crucify them. That looks harsh, but then you cannot allow them grow and take root in your life.
One other major thing to know, however, is that you need the help of the Holy Spirit to identify and mortify them. Many of them are so subtle that you don’t even know they are “little foxes” until they grow big and are out of control.
Paul then gave two key advises:
Galatians 5:16 “…WALK IN THE SPIRIT, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”
Galatians 5:18 “…BE LED OF THE SPIRIT…”
Walk and be led of the Spirit! It takes a man walking by the leading of the Holy Spirit to recognise the little foxes!
When you’re led by the Spirit you’ll be able to avoid little flimsy excuses for not praying or allotting considerable moments of your day to God.
You’ll be able to avoid “little gossips, small white lies, exaggeration” and mind those little compromises you do daily.
Friend, there are no little sins anywhere; in fact, the smaller, the deadlier, if you must know!
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