1 Samuel 17:42 “And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was [but] a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.”
How do you match two clearly unequal opponents in a fight? An African adage says, “A dog that goes into a tiger’s den to invite the tiger to a fight will definitely not return alive.” It will without doubt go under as an underdog!
If you see such a scenario and you’re asked to predict the outcome, you’ll definitely not put your bet on the dog. I will also not put my money on the dog.
Such is the case we see in our today’s focal scripture. How does a 17 year old boy fight a mighty man of war who grew up mastering all the arts of war?
1Samuel 17:33 “And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.”
From what Saul said, we know that Goliath was already a fully grown adult, probably in his late thirties. He was a champion that had made name and gained experience. Where David was at the time of the contest was where Goliath was several years back. He had experience and age on his side. This was definitely an unequal match up with an easily predictable outcome from man’s perspective.
David was clearly an underdog in the battle of the valley of Elah. What does an underdog mean?
An underdog is a competitor thought unlikely to win or somebody at a disadvantage, somebody without the right qualifications or clearly insufficient qualification to win a contest.
When you look all through the Scripture, however, you’ll see several so called underdogs turning the tide! From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is filled with tales and stories of so called “Underdogs” doing exploits and winning impossible battles or coming out of hopeless situations triumphant, unhurt and unscathed.
My conclusion after checking out most of these tales is that God is an expert at using underdogs! That is GRACE!
To be continued…
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