Judges 3:1 “These are the nations that GOD left there, using them to test the Israelites who had no experience in the Canaanite wars.”
Judges 3:2 “He did it to train the descendants of Israel, the ones who had no battle experience, in the art of war.”(MSG)
Judges 3: 2 “Only that the generations of the children of Israel might know to teach them war, at the least such as before knew nothing thereof;” (KJV)
…From yesterday…
Friend, this is exactly true to life as stated in our focal scripture. We all need some “fights” to keep us fresh, agile and active as we journey to success and to our destiny.
Could it be that your boss, who hates you so much, is there for a reason? Come to think of it, you have prayed and fasted for forty days and nights for him to be transferred, but nothing has happened.
Perhaps you’ve even asked the “Holy Ghost fire” to consume him, but he’s still standing unperturbed.
I believe it’s time for you to take things with the right perspective. Both of you might have been kept in that office by God to teach you war!
What kind of war, you may ask. It is war against pride to teach you humility, war against your puffed up ego to teach you submission. It could even be war against hatred to teach you patience with people and bring out the love of God on your inside!
Could it be that that serious health challenge is there to teach you the principle of divine healing and health!
That “mountain” in your life might have been kept there to teach you faith! To teach you that Mark 11:23 & 24 is real and as potent as when Christ first said it!
When I got this understanding I simply became a better fighter. If you don’t want to become stale, irrelevant and dead see things from this perspective. Never forget the two cat fishes in the same cubicle.
Those issues are there to teach you WAR, Selah!
Love you BiG
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