Fight -11

1 Samuel 11:1 “Then Nahash the Ammonite came up, and encamped against Jabeshgilead: and all the men of Jabesh said unto Nahash, Make a covenant with us, and we will serve thee.”

1 Samuel 11:2 “And Nahash the Ammonite answered them, On this [condition] will I make [a covenant] with you, that I may thrust out all your right eyes, and lay it [for] a reproach upon all Israel.”

…From yesterday…
Friend, if you don’t fight you may lose your right eye! Loss of the eye simply means a loss of vision or focus. Note that Nahash the serpent specifically requested for the “right eye”, not the left.
He wants your right vision, the real purpose for your existence, your major assignment, the core reason God brought you to this planet.
The enemy knows that if you get that promotion, you will use that position to advance the kingdom of God on earth. He knows that if you pass that exam he is in trouble. He knows that vision and dream matter so much to the course of history, and therefore he is all out to steal it.
The enemy is simply out to take or discourage you from your purpose. He wants to take away your God given vision and prevent you from attaining success.
Once you submit your “right eye”, that is your “right vision”, you become visionless and a wanderer on earth. You become aimless and rudderless. That is the aim of the enemy. If he succeeds in killing your dreams and vision, he has finished you! That will not be your portion, in Jesus’ name. But then you must rise up and fight! Do as occasion demands.
Who will ever believe an untrained army will defeat the trained Ammonites hands down? History has it that some of the men that went with Saul to battle only had kitchen knives, hoes and sticks against a better armed troop, yet they won! Many times it’s not about the physical weapons; it’s about the spiritual and mental weapons!
If you don’t win within, you will never win without!
To be continued…
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