Handle the Problem-2

Exodus 14:15 “And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward”
Exodus 14:16 “But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.”
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Beloved, have you ever been in that situation before? A situation where it looked like all hell had been let loose on you. A situation where you are between the red sea and the Egyptian army. A case of hopelessness! A position where you just can’t figure a way out.
Perhaps you’ve been there or probably there now. This piece is written for you.
When the situation arose, these Israelites did what every natural man would do, start the blame game!
We inherited that “tactics” from our great-great grandfather, by name Adam. When he found himself in soup with God, he simply blamed the woman, and the woman blamed the serpent, I am sure you still remember that episode from Genesis 3.
These guys descended on Moses and blamed him for their problems. Friend, I have seen men and women blame their leaders for problems he didn’t even know anything about. I once heard a leader jokingly saying that, folks in his country blame him when their wives give birth to female children when they desired to have a male! How ironical!
Yes, men can cause problems and issues in our lives, but most times several of the challenges are permitted by us.
It is very easy to find fault and blame others for our misfortunes, but the issue is that many times that doesn’t solve the problem.
Man is limited and cannot solve our problems; we must know how to connect with the Almighty who alone reserves the sole right to handle every situation.
Moses, the great leader, rushed back to God; but rather than pray, he started weeping!
To be continued…
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