Praise with Understanding-1

Psalms 47:7 “For God [is] the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.” 
Psalms 47:7 “For God is the King of all the earth; make songs of praise with knowledge.” (BBE)
Beloved, I welcome you to this great year 2016, it’s an amazing year already. I can sense it in the spirit already and I believe you can as well. 
I want you to believe God for an amazing 2016. He is Alpha and Omega; that you have seen this first day is simply a pointer to the fact that you will sure see the end of it in Jesus’ name. Keep company with God and trust Him for the very best in the New Year. 
As I sat down thinking of how to start this year, the thought the Holy Spirit kept ringing in my spirit is praise! Much has been said on the subject of praise, but then we can never exhaust it because of the awesome power it holds.
I discovered that one thing most churches and individuals will do today is to dance, sing and do more dancing. It seems to have fitted perfectly into our programme outline in church. We always start the service with praise and then do it some more during service.
It is however not enough to thank God and sing praises; we must also know why we need to praise Him! Understanding is key to an effective and acceptable praise session; otherwise, it is just an exercise to keep fit!
I remember a program I was invited to in a church sometimes back. They started with praise and we started singing and sang and danced for about two hours. I then asked somebody when the special guest minister would come and join in the praise, because I could see that most people were tired already.
The answer I got from the church leader shocked me. He told me that the Senior Pastor and guest minister wouldn’t be attending the praise and worship session. I asked why. He said the praise and worship was to let people around know that the program had started.
To be continued…
Love you BiG
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