Life lessons from driving-1

Mark 4:35 “And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.”
Mark 5:1 “And they came over unto the other side of the sea…”
In our focal scripture, Jesus invited his disciples on a journey across the sea in Mark 4:35 and they arrived at the other side as seen in Mark 5:1. The journey was challenging but they achieved their aim.
Friend, life is a journey, it is in fact a collection of several stop overs and journies. Life journey includes, physically travelling from one location to another, praying and believing God for something, achieving a set objective, meeting targets, passing exams and also pursuing your purpose in life. These are all journies we engage in at one time or the other.
Success itself is simply a stop over in the journey of life not a final destination. As long as we are on this otherside of eternity, there will be objectives to meet and destinations to reach.
Our ability to complete any given task or objective depicts arriving at the “other side”.
In doing this successfully however, several factors needs to be considered. In this piece we are going to be meditating on what I titled, “Life lessons from driving”.
Recently, I went on a journey with my family and I discovered so many interesting stuff that can be related to real life journies,  let’s take them one after the other.
The first thing I want you to know about the journey of life is that you must know how to drive. This is what I tag the number one all important thing in life! Mastering the act of driving is very important to you having a successful trip.
For some time people might drive us and move us from place to place but eventually we all need to learn to drive.
What do I mean by this? Knowing how to drive simply means mastering yourself!
To be continued…
Love you BiG
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