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Exodus 8:28 “Pharaoh said, “All right. I’ll release you to go and sacrifice to your GOD in the wilderness. Only don’t go too far…”” (MSG)
I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. “Take it easy, you’re going too far”. Usually as a caution, but in most cases it is limiting! Once you attempt to be different from the norm, men are quick to sound out the alarm to remind you not to be different from everyone else.
In an era when men erroneously believed that the world was flat like a table and that you would fall off the planet earth if you sailed very far, a certain Christopher Columbus decided to sail very far. Many feared for him, but he chose to sail far all the same. Guess what; he did and discovered the Americas. If he had stayed within the limits of “reason” America might still be far off!
Like I noted yesterday, if Daniel had decided to stay within the “confines of reason”, we wouldn’t have known that God can turn wild hungry lions to pets!
Every outstanding miracle we have seen and heard of was wrought for people who went very far! Once, five thousand hungry men surrounded Jesus in a desert. They went very far into the desert with Jesus and they didn’t go that far for nothing. God gave them food in that desert from the lunch of a small boy, at the far place!
Most success stories are from people who went very far. Thomas Edison was told he was going too far with his experiments after failing over seven thousand times, but he went further far, and after over ten thousand attempts he gave us the electric bulb!
Friend, I pray for you today: you will not just go far, you will go very far in your walk with God, career, destiny, finances and expectations, in Jesus’ name.
You will set records and break them! You will be outstanding! Every wall of limitation is removed from your destiny in Jesus’ name. Go very, very far, there are no limits to what God can do! Selah!
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