Be different-6

Mark 6:3 “Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary…”
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When he got serious with his studies, his folks got angry and increased his own portion of work on the farm. He didn’t get mad at them, he simply did his work during the day and used the night session to study with candle.
The rest as they say is history. He is living his dreams today and God has helped him. Many of his folks are still together in the village. Most are envious of him and are angry that he left them behind.
Now, the lesson is this: Before he ever left them physically, he had left them and the village in his imagination.
He was physically on the farm but mentally living in the city. He was holding the hoe physically on the farm but already handling chalk and giving lectures in the university.
Beloved, leave those folks in your imagination. Nobody or situation can limit you. The only limitation that is holding you back are the ones you coorporate with.
Jesus was a carpenter, physically holding the hammer but in his imagination he was already preaching in the synagogue. When it finally materialised they got angry.
Friend, you may be born a capenter, farmer or whatever, but you don’t need to remain a capenter. You have the power of choice! Use it wisely. You can become your dream.
They didn’t just limit Jesus by his family tradition, they also limited him by his parentage. They said, “…the carpenter, the son of Mary…”
Beloved, you’re more than Mary’s son, your heritage is from above, you came from a world they can never understand. The Creator of heaven and earth is your Father. Embrace your real nature, you’re not Mary’s son.
Now, get out there and step into your divine destiny; you’ve stayed with “them” for too long, go make your destiny happen!
Love you BiG
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