The other side of dreams-7

Genesis 37:5 “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told [it] his brethren: and they hated him yet the more.”
Genesis 37:11 “And his brethren envied him; but his father observed the saying.”
Many times when we have a beautiful dream, the only thing we see is the sunny rosy side. We want everything to be smooth and seamless but like I said earlier, it doesn’t run that way. Any worthwhile dream will be tested and fought by the enemy.
One of my mentors said, “…before dreams come true, trouble will have to be fought and conquered!…”, he said, “sometimes trouble come true, before the dream ever does”!
We saw earlier how the devil throws the weapon of hatred and envy at our dreams. If you pass those tests, he brings “famine” meaning starvation of resources.
The devil knows if you have access to the “pro-vision” of your vision, you will go far and fast to the detriment of his own kingdom, so he tries to starve you of it, to slow you down, discourage you and ultimately stop you!
Another thing the devil tries to achieve with the “famine” is to give us “deadly” alternatives, there by taking our attention away from God. This was what he did to our father Abraham.
Abram forgot all about God when this challenge came and rushed down to Egypt. He was promised Canaan but he chose to go live in Egypt. He thought he was getting a better deal, committing a grievous error because of a temporary problem.
Many atimes, we all run into this error. We seem to have an “Egypt” or “Egyptian solution” somewhere. 
We suddenly feel the God who gave the dream cannot sustain it, how sad! We often rush at the devils alternative. If not for the mercies of God, Abram would have lost his wife and probably his life.
Many people are in one mess or the other today because they took the devil’s “seemingly appealing option”.
To be continued…
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