Training for reigning-10

Psalms 144:1 “Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:” (KJV)
Every event had standard-times you had to meet. If you failed to meet those standards, your name was posted on a list and at the end of the day those on the list were invited to — a “circus.”
A circus was two hours of additional callisthenics, designed to wear you down, to break your spirit, to force you to quit. No one wanted a circus. A circus meant that for that day you didn’t measure up. A circus meant more fatigue, and more fatigue meant that the following day would be more difficult and more circuses were likely.
At some time during naval SEAL training, everyone — everyone — made the circus list. But an interesting thing happened to those who were constantly on the list. Over time those students who did two hours of extra callisthenics got stronger and stronger. The pain of the circuses built inner strength and also built physical resiliency in those students.
Beloved, life is filled with circuses. You will fail. You will likely fail often. It will be painful. It will be discouraging. At times it will test you to your very core. But if you want to reign in life, don’t be afraid of the circuses.”
Even if you’re exhausted during training, which you will be often, keep going. Don’t you ever quit!!
Wake up each day and tell yourself, “I am not a quitter”.
God is however not a wicked trainer, He will not push you into training without showing you by example how it is done. He gave us a document containing training techniques and methods for all events, it is called the Bible. We’ve got so much to learn from it, always keep yours close and opened!
A worn out or torn bible usually belongs to a man whose life is not worn out! Keep yours open and keep learning!
When you kill your lion and bear, Goliath will become a piece of cake, Selah!
Love you BiG
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