Psalms 90:12 “So teach [us] to number our days, that we may apply [our] hearts unto wisdom.”
Jesus speaking in Matthew 10:30, said, “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”, meaning God is not saying you have, let’s say 20,000 hairs on your head. He can call each hair on your head by name and number! God is indeed a God of details. He has a log of every hair on your head!
So, how do I number my days and not merely count them?
Two notable things are stated in our text, “teach” and “wisdom.”
The word teach as used in our focal scripture is an Hebrew word translated, “to take seriously”, “Be accountable with”, “have respect”, “skillful”.
In order words, the bible is saying, take your days seriously, be accountable with your time, have respect for time and be skillful with it. No man can go far in life who shows little or no respect for time.
God wants us to be good managers and users of time. God is a planner, He knows what to do, what will happen and when. Nothing suprises Him. In the same vein, to number our days we need to answer certain important questions daily:
1. How do I want to spend my day?
2. What am I suppose to be doing at a particular time?
A wise man said, plan your day, attach time to your activities and finish it on paper before you go into the day proper! A day you don’t finish on paper before starting will be wasted. You’ll end up doing the right things at the wrong time or not doing them at all.
Wisdom is another key component in numbering our days. Numbering talks about order and can only be obtained by careful planning and wisdom. At the beginning of each day ask God for wisdom to plan your day. Don’t rush into the day!
Learn to intelligently use and manage your time. At the end of each day ask yourself a simple question, have I numbered today or simply counted it?
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