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Habakkuk 3:19 “The LORD God [is] my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ [feet], and he will make me to walk upon mine high places…”
Habakkuk 3:19 “The Sovereign Lord is my strength! He makes me as surefooted as a deer, able to tread upon the heights…”(NLT)
A young boy woke up one day he was the last born of the family, he was pampered and spoilt! He was the only one with a coat of many colours, his elder brothers saw that type of designer clothe for the first time in their lives when their dad got it for the lad. Designer clothes didn’t just start, the first known designer was a man called Israel Isaac (Gen. 37:3)!
This young man was so arrogant and full of himself. To make matters worse he can dream, interpret dreams and possess other skills his brothers could only dream of. On this particular day he gathered his brothers together, asking them to sit down and then told them a dream he had and the interpretation:
Genesis 37:6 “He said, “Listen to this dream I had.”
Genesis 37:7 “We were all out in the field gathering bundles of wheat. All of a sudden my bundle stood straight up and your bundles circled around it and bowed down to mine.””
Genesis 37:8 “His brothers said, “So! You’re going to rule us? You’re going to boss us around?” And they hated him more than ever because of his dreams and the way he talked.”(MSG)
Perhaps you’re wondering how I knew he was arrogant? Gen. 37:8 says, “…And they hated him more than ever because of his dreams and the WAY HE TALKED.” Who else gather people that are old enough to give birth to him and tell them, I will rule over you guys and you will bow down to me!
These folks got angry and reported the matter to their father. But guess what? The following day he summoned his father, mother and the same elder brothers to another meeting! To be continued…
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