Zechariah 11:12 “Then I addressed them: “Pay me what you think I’m worth.” They paid me an insulting sum, counting out thirty silver coins.”
Zechariah 11:13 “GOD told me, “Throw it in the poor box.” This stingy wage was all they thought of me and my work! So I took the thirty silver coins and threw them into the poor box in GOD’s Temple.” (MSG)
…From yesterday…Most people have very poor value system and it shows in all they do.
In our focal scripture, the prophet rendered service to some people but their valuation of the service rendered was very poor. He described what they paid him as an “insulting sum”.
How do you treat and value people? How do you handle things and assignments committed into your hand? Do things increase in value in your hand or get devalued?
The truth is, whatever you don’t value, you lose! It is very important to esteem, treasure and place value on some things in life.
When you know the value of something you will not mistreat or throw it away. We don’t value things because we don’t know their true worth or importance.
I was once given a gift. I use it the way I use other products until I entered a shop and saw the price! Since then, I changed the way I handle it. I started using it occasionally instead of the everyday use. The value I placed on it changed!
We must learn to place correct value on people and things. I have seen people lose great friends of “diamond quality” while running after people of “worthless stone values”. I have seen ladies throw away husband materials because of wrong value system, while running after “fakes” and vice versa.
What is the key to correctly valuing things and people? The key is understanding the principle of the intangible. Learning to “see” correctly.
Correctly valuing things and people has to do with seeing beyond the physical…To be continued
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