History repeating itself-7

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.” (NLT)
Famine is mostly caused by draught, lack of water, when rain doesn’t fall. In such situations what do you do? You simply utilise other sources of water, especially ground water for farming. Hear this:
Genesis 26:15 “For all the wells which his father’s servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them, and filled them with earth.”
Genesis 26:18 “And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father…”
Genesis 26:19 “And Isaac’s servants digged in the valley, and found there a well of springing water.”
Why was Isaac digging wells? He was simply using the wells for irrigation purpose, that was why his own farm was green and bringing forth great harvest in dryness.
Unfortunately the Philistines didn’t know this technology and wanted to stop him by all means but he kept sinking the wells and prospering! God’s way will always be superior to the ways of men!
Isaac obeyed God and prospered in famine. If you obey Him, you will equally prosper in famine, God is no respecter of persons! His way is the way of super-abundance, famine not withstanding!
Beloved, look back into history as recorded in the word of God, whatever God has done in the past, He can sure repeat in your life.
If He preserved people in famine, He will preserve you in famine! If he healed the sick in history, He will heal you as well. Whatever He has done He can do over and over again.
David fought sixty six battles and lost none! You know why? He has simply learnt from history how not to loose a war!
Psalms 44:1 “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old”
To be continued…
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