Eating an elephant

Exodus 23:30 “By little and little…thou shalt be increased and inherit the land.”
How do you eat an elephant? This question looks appalling but the answer is quite interesting. It is said that to eat an elephant you simply eat it one bite at a time. In other words a single man can eat up a whole elephant if he eats it little by little.
Today’s Lift topic looks quite different from what we’ve been discussing, i.e Law of Interpretation, but it’s no mistake. We have to take this break because today is a remarkable day in the life of Lift! Today makes it exactly 1 year since Lift hit the airwaves and God has indeed been faithful.
When we started a year ago, doing it everyday looked like mission impossible, people even adviced we make it twice or trice a week but the vision God gave us was daily and He has proved Himself in the last 1 year. He has been giving us the ideas, inspiration, wisdom and support, indeed God is Awesome. We have returned like that one leper today to say Lord we are grateful!
We also say a big thank you to all our readers especially you reading this now for staying with us, for your comments and encouragement each day, God bless you.
I also specially thank my team, you guys have been fantastic! God bless you BiG. Thanks for making out time to read and broadcast to several thousands, also for your suggestions and encouragement, I celebrate you.
To you reading this today, I want you to pick this from our focal scripture: You can eat an elephant if you’ll eat it piece by piece, bite by bite!
Got an “elephant sized” dream? Break it down into smaller goals then take it little by little and with God’s backing it will become a reality!
We’ll love to hear from you, please send in your testimonies, comments and feedback via your medium of reception, as we mark our first anniversary and also let us know your best series to date.
Love you BiG!!
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