Matthew 5:41 “If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles.” (NLT)
Our gist today has to do with a little secret that will sure give you an edge and put you above in this great year. It’s a great truth which most of us always run away from. We are still talking about you and what you must do to stand out from the crowd in this fresh year. It is called “Law of the Extra”.
Have you ever noticed that people digging a well dont stop when they first see water? They dig deeper, not because what they saw was not water but because they needed to be sure they hit a depth where the water is much. They do this so that during the dry season water can keep flowing from the abundance.
That’s a manifestation of the law of extra. Companies that decided to not just give the service you asked for but add a little incentive will always get your attention.
I was on traffic two days ago and I saw some boys hawking men’s underwear. They had different products but the one that caught my attention was a particular one that had an attractive fountain pen in it. I smiled because I understand they were trying to invoke this law. They decided to go the extra mile.
Fountain pen and underwear seems to have no correlation but they knew what they were doing and had it been I wanted buying an underwear, your guess is as good as mine, I would’ve gone for that particular product!
I once over heard my kids telling their mum to always buy a particular brand of their favourite snack. They told her to stop buying the one she normally buys. I was curious and asked them why, guess what they said, this other product sells theirs with a  little cartoon character inside! This law again!
Every company that goes the extra mile always stand out. In the same vein, you are a product! If you must sell “you”…To be continued
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