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1 Thessalonians 2:13 “And now we look back on all this and thank God, an artesian well of thanks!…”(MSG)
If they are to repeat the trip even you can make some recommendations. Looking back, we now know the forty years journey could have taken just forty days or less. We know the wars they needed to fight and the ones to avoid. We know the type of reports those ten spies should have brought. We can look back and also see the consequence of murmuring against God instead of being thankful.
Friend, this is what stock taking is all about. 2015 is a promising year already. It’s a much more glorious year than any you’ve ever seen but the question is what lessons have you learnt in 2014 that will give you an edge?
Ben Franklin, an author, farmer, inventor, diplomat, and soldier among other things and considered to be one of the greatest Americans that ever lived had a very interesting stock taking principle. He ended each day by asking one single question, “What good did I do today?” He takes time out to think not just of the several blessings he enjoyed but more of who he was able to bless. I think we all need to do this as well. Ask yourself how many lives you’ve been able to touch and influence positively in 2014. Life is more of giving than receiving. Who and who can point to you and say, you made them smile in 2014? It’s a goodwill principle which money cannot buy.
As we draw the curtain on this piece ask yourself these three questions in addition: What progress did I make toward my vision and goals in 2014? What am I grateful for, specifically? Finally, what improvements can I make with what I learned?
Beloved, sit back and take stock, another 365 days will soon be here as a gift to you, minimize your errors by taking stock and then gain speed. It is only a mad man that repeat errors and expects a different result. You can sure make 2015 your best year yet by stock taking now!!
Love you BiG
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