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1 Thessalonians 2:13 “And now we look back on all this and thank God, an artesian well of thanks!…”(MSG)
Questions such as: What value have I added to myself this year? What new qualifications? What new skill have I acquired? What better tools can I use to simplify my work?
What has brought the greatest gain to me as a person and to my family? What did I do right that I should repeat? What skill do I have that people need and are ready to patronise me for? Which area of my life needs improvement? Which of my skills will come in handy in the new year?
Some successful companies even outsource their stock taking process. Bringing in third party companies to help out. You might want to consider this option as well. Get to your most trusted friends who will look you straight in the eyes and tell you the truth point blank. You might not like some of their responses but note that their assessment is not to tear you down but rather to build you up. That’s why I said trusted friends that you know will genuinely want you to be a better person. We all have one or two of them.
Stock taking will also help you know the people in your life who you need to give a special place and the ones that don’t even belong. You will know the people that slowed you down on the 2014 journey and those that helped you gain speed, its all part of stock taking!
I want you to sit back and take notes, what have you done best this year. When did you move without hitches? If there were hitches, what caused them? What made you breakdown? What experience is worth repeating? Which ones must you avoid? These are typical questions that can aid your planning for the next year and the time to do that is now!
If you look back at the stock taking by the Israelites especially on their journey from Egypt to Cannan, you’ll clearly see all what we have discussed. If they are to repeat the trip…to be continued
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