Don't give up or quit-1

Galatians 6:9 “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.”(MSG)
We just rounded up a series on ricochet, the art of rebound, however one character trait that will always aid your rebound each time you suffer a setback is what is called persistence. To persist according to dictionary is to go on “stubbornly or resolutely” against all odds. To continue to exist or “remain” after a setback.
Persistence is the ability of your mind to keep forcing the body on despite the fatigue! A wise man said, “Persistence is convincing yourself not to give up in the face of challenges.”
This is a character trait that helps you to hold-on in the face of overwhelming opposition. The ability to keep going even when all hope seems lost. It is a never say die attitude. The ability not to quit or give up.
Let’s look at this story as told by Michael Jordan Segal. Segal himself was shot in the head during a robbery, but he ricocheted, defile all odds by first surviving and then returning to college. He then earned two degrees with honors and married his high school sweetheart. Hear him:
“Years ago, I was at work at the hospital. A boy was brought into the ER (Emergency Room). He was in a coma after having been in a car accident. The family was going crazy, trying to get their son, their brother, to just “wake up.” Nothing they did helped and nothing the doctors did helped.
However, out of frustration the father shouted, “WAKE UP…WAKE UP! YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY!” But this too did not seem to help. But the family did not give up. They “pushed on” encouraging him every day and expressing their love for him but he still remained in a coma. Some family members left after sometime, giving up hope of him ever recovering…to be continued
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