Ricochet Recap-2

Judges 16:22 “But his hair, though cut off, began to grow again.”
Beloved, which of your hairs have been cut off? Is it your health, financies, academic pursuit, marriage, or perhaps they have even removed your “eyes”, meaning your vision. I want to let you know it is growing again. Your strength is coming back, your vision is returning, dream again! All those “barbers” of your destiny are silenced in Jesus name, Amen. Relax!
Recently, a friend of mine, Yemi of VisionConcept sent me this piece, let me share it with you: “Having lost his parent, he started sweeping the floor of a cheap grocery store just to survive. Part of that money was used to feed and then the other, used to  buy second hand programming and networking books. In 2009, feeling competent enough, he applied for a job with Twitter but was turned down!
In 2010 he applied for another job with Facebook where he was offered a mere appointment. But 4 years later, one of his personal project is today the chat messenger called Whatsapp. And this year, it was acquired  for a whooping 19 Billion Dollars by the same Facebook that once turned him down. It is the biggest IT deal in recent times!”
Friend, most times our setback is a set up for a comeback! Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places, don’t stop.
As we roundup this piece let me also share this story with you, as told by John Maxwell: “A poet was taking a walk in his garden and came across a bird’s nest lying on the ground. There had been a storm the previous day which obviously had blown off the birds nest from the tree top, wrecking it’s home. He felt pity for the bird and wished he can help restore the nest, at that instance he looked up and saw the bird building a new one in the branches!”
That is ricochet, the art of a rebound!!!
Love you BiG
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