Place Addendum-2

Psalms 16:6 “The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!” (NLT)
The lawyer told them that their dad has distributed the cultivated farmland among his servants but the bigger land that was uncultivated; he has divided into two for the two of them.
They were shocked, disappointed and angry with their dad. The younger son packed his belongings and left the town. The elder son thought over the matter but believing strongly that the jewels were kept in the uncultivated portion went to work. He dug his own portion of the land every day for three months. After three months he discovered neither gold nor diamonds but all he had was just a cultivated piece of land. He then thought to himself, now that he has cultivated the whole land, why not just plant something on it. So, he went to work and planted crops. He did this, year in, year out.
Fifteen years later, the younger son came visiting. He was still very poor and wretched; he only came to check on his brother. To his greatest surprise his brother had become wealthier than their late dad! His brother have more jewelries than the man.
The younger son was so shocked and asked him how he did it. He said, “My dear brother, I went to work on ‘my Place’ cultivated it and from it I got everything I have ever desired. If only you had waited to cultivate your own portion, you could have equally discovered the ‘jewels’ hidden in your land.”
Friend, that was how the Psalmist came to the conclusion that his own portion is “pleasant and goodly”. He developed his “PLACE” by trying it out on the lion, then the bear and finally on Goliath.
What are you doing with your own Place or inheritance? God is not partial. He gave us gifts and ‘our places’ according to our several abilities. Whether, you find gold, diamond or grasses and wild plants on your own is in your hands. The choice is certainly yours.
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