Mentoring Principles-2

James 5:10 “Take the old prophets as your mentors. They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit, all the time honoring God.” (MSG)
3. You must recognize when you’re in the presence of a great mentor and keep your mouth shut! You learn more by keeping quiet and learn little when you talk. When you open your mouth it should be to ask questions! It’s what you learn when your mouth is shut that you say out when you open them. So let down your bucket and fetch from the well of wisdom of a great mentor.
4. Mentoring will always cost you. Most times it will cost you leaving your comfort zone. Tiger Woods had a great mentor in his dad. His dad wakes him up by 4:30am everyday and takes him to the golf course for practice since he was two and a half years old. Don’t tell me that was comfortable. It must have been very inconveniencing, but we’ve all seen the result, his dad was right! Remember, Ruth had to leave Moab to follow Naomi. Elisha had to sacrifice his business and wealth to follow Elijah. Solomon paid the price, he sat at his father’s feet, learning daily while his other brothers and sisters were busy making merry (Prov 1:8). He was the only son that had the blueprint for the construction of the temple(1 Chronicles 28:11).
Mentoring first makes you uncomfortable before it becomes comfortable. Today you write ABC without thinking but if you think back to your kindergarten days, it was definitely not comfortable, you probably received some knocks before perfecting it.
Friend, look for a mentor that have results in the areas where you’re looking to get results. Just one advice from a mentor can change your destiny for good. A mentor is a safe harbour in trouble, you can choose to learn by mistakes or by mentoring, it’s your choice!
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