Mentoring Principles-1

Prov.9:9 “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.”
Solomon did not fight a single war unlike David his mentor and I want to believe that one of the things he learnt from David was how to avoid wars (Prov.1:8-19). Solomon was the wisest and richest man alive in his days and you know if he had to fight a war he couldn’t have lost! Solomon recognized David as a great mentor and followed him, Absalom did not. So what is involved in mentoring? I have highlighted some points here, knowing them will  help us understand mentoring better. No matter the mentoring technique you choose, either through books, talking to a physical mentor or coach, you need to know these:
1. A mentor is different from a teacher, he will not just tell you what to do he’ll show you how it is done! Your mentor is not your cheer leader, he is a coach! He might not pat you on the back every day, he might drive you hard sometimes just to make you achieve your dreams, so be patient with him. We’re exposed to different terrains in life, spiritual, academic, financial, professional and physical, so we need more than one mentor, it’s our duty to locate them and submit to them. Solomon had David as a mentor but he also had Hiram king of Tyre (1Kings 5) to help him achieve his dreams!
2. Another key to mentoring is Humility. It takes humility to be mentored. Mentoring requires submission. Solomon was rich and powerful but he did not assume he knows it all, he asked King Hiram for help in an area where he was ignorant. He carefully and humbly followed his advice. It takes humility to follow instructions from a mentor. A great mentor recognises his own limits as well and knows when to refer you to yet another mentor.(to be continued)
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