Everything with a Purpose-1

Proverbs 16:4 “GOD made everything with a…purpose…” (MSG)
I read about an incident that occured sometimes ago. Permit me to share it with you. In a greyhound racing, dogs are trained to chase a mechanical fur rabbit that goes along the track in front of them. The speed of the rabbit is controlled by a man in the press box who keeps the rabbit just in front of the dogs. One time in Florida, everyone was ready for the big race. The starting gun went off, the man in the press box pushed his lever, cages opened, and the dogs took off. But just as the rabbit went round the first bend, an electrical fault caused it to stop,explode, and burst into flames. No longer having a rabbit to chase, the dogs had no idea what to do. Some of them laid down on the track,two ran into a wall and broke some ribs, one chased his tail, and some howled at the spectators. Not a single dog finished the race.
Purpose is the reason for which something is designed, created  or done. It is also the reason why something is done in a particular way. God doesn’t make worthless things. If He doesn’t have a purpose for a thing, He doesn’t make it!
Many people live life like those greyhounds. They seem not to have a rabbit to chase any longer. They take each day as it comes, lying Lazily around. Some get injured while others keep chasing shadows. Until you know your purpose you’ll never find fulfillment. You’ll be tossed about like a rudderless ship on a turbulent sea.
God is a God of purpose and the bible says he makes everything with a purpose. Your eyes sees, your nose smells, your mouth eats, your brain reasons, your legs walks. The hairs on your head beautifies you while the ones in your nose prevents dirt from gaining access to your lungs among other purposes. If God pays so much attention to ‘minor details’ such as the hairs in your nose, how much more the complete you? (To be continued)
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