2 Samuel 23:5 “And this is just how my regime has been, for God guaranteed his covenant with me, Spelled it out plainly and kept every promised word–My entire salvation, my every desire.” (MSG)
Psalms 111:7 “He manufactures truth and justice; All his products are guaranteed to last–” (MSG)
When you buy a product it always comes with a guarantee. In actual fact you get to the guarantee document before you get to the product. The guarantee most times comes written within the manual, usually at the back. If you buy a product without a guarantee, I think you should return it to the manufacturer and ask for the guarantee papers, if they are not ready to guarantee the product ask for a refund and change manufacturer or vendor!
I remember mentioning the issue of my tab that had a problem sometimes back. When it developed the problem,  I decided to do some troubleshooting since I’m a technical man.  I tried the little I could but when I saw I wasn’t making a head way, I advised myself and I took it to the manufacturer’s certified repair or care center, in other words I took it back to the manufacturer. They accepted it after verifying that it was still within the guarantee period. On verifying it’s validity and cross checking that it had not been tampered with, they collected it. To cut the long story short, it was fixed and returned to me in a much better condition.
After receiving my tab back. I decided to do a little research to know more about guarantees that come with products. I made some interesting discoveries and I think we can pick some lessons from it.
First, what is a guarantee? Encarta dictionary described it as “a promise quality of goods or services: to give a formal, usually printed promise with regard to the quality of a product, saying that it will be repaired free of charge if it fails within a particular period of time…(to be continued)
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